Website development

Introduce yourself, your products or your services on a platform that looks like YOU.

Do you want to create your blog, showcase your services  or sell your products online? You can trust me with the development of your website!


From its design to its S.E.O on Google, my goal is to create a tailor-made website, both beautiful and easy to use, for you and for your visitors.

3 reasons to develop your website with me


Not only do I create your site, I also reference it on Google and allow you to follow its positioning on search engines via the Search Console!


Did you know that nearly 80% of Internet users navigate via a mobile device? Developping your website, I make sure that your it  keeps its aesthetics,  whether visited on a computer, tablet or cellphone. 


Your site being your virtual business card, it is important that it looks like you! I take the time to study your need and define with you a graphic charter that conveys your message at first glance.

Mobile Apps

A swipe away from your customers

Ambassador of your concept, a mobile application can, on its own, make or break the success of your business.

Invest in a practical, location-based application available on the App Store and/or the PlayStore!


Recent Creation

Educated Afro Girls (EAG) is a non-profit association which has been developed by young African and Afro descendant women.

Managed by its President KOKOLO Taviche, its Vice-President DIALLO Ramata and the members of the board, the association wants to become the benchmark space for any African woman, on the continent or in the diaspora who wishes to succeed.

For its site, the founders, Taviche and Ramata, wanted their platform to include an interactive map allowing them to locate and consult the profiles of their godmothers, while being free to publish blog articles and keep in touch with their audience. via a newsletter.

They therefore opted for the WordPress Blogging offer.