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Make your brand seen on social media

Did you know that almost 90% of Internet users declare themselves more inclined to buy a product after having heard of it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?


Each bad buzz teaches us that an absence on social networks can harm a brand, sometimes even without its creators knowing it.


Social networks yet an excellent opportunity to gain visibility. Letting professionals take care of your brand on these platforms can make all the difference in your communication as well as in your prospecting.

The Olivia Dope Touch

1. Strategy

Affirming a brand online requires more than passion and work: it requires a strategy. Your brand may not need to publish more but more strategically instead and that is why before anything else, I work with you on an editorial strategy.

2. Content creation

Once this strategy is created, I have everything I need to transcribe it visually and schedule the publication of posts that convey the messages you want to convey. If necessary, I also manage your sponsored ads campaigns.

3. Reporting

For any communication action to be effective, it is always important to question its return on investment. So I translate with you the statistical reports of each campaign in order to assess what to pursue, or not.



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Instagram campaign

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