Who is Jessy Diandra?

a.k.a the French Olivia Dope


Photo credit: Martin Abega

Born on February 19, 1993, Jessy Diandra grew up in Lille, in the North of France, where she developed her love for music while studying. She then travelled for her international business studies but came back to her hometown to study human resources and basics of web development as a Webmaster.


In 2016, after finding her passion for the web, and on the advice of a  Médhie Marinette , she launched her humor blog: jessydiandra.fr.


That same year she made her debut as a TV host, applying to the BET Talent Contest .


In 2018, she finally decided to launch her her web marketing agency: Purpose Communication Web . Through it, she hopes to introduce her audience to the basics of good online communication, whether as a personal brand or a  business.


Initially driven by the human side of online interactions, she managed to build a large network of professionals on different markets, which will allow her to join Nacha Mpoyi in the launch of the Biz Break, a series of networking events dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs from her home town: Lille.

To this day, Jessy thrives on meeting new people, sharing her journey and keeping as much transparency on the pros and cons of entrepreneurship as a young black and christian woman in France. 

Proudly Congolese, she shares her passion for the afropop culture and digital marketing through her self producted show : Live With Jessy.